Dear Clients,

Dealing with COVID-19 has been tough for all of us. I, like many of you, confront this pandemic as a mother, spouse, daughter, and concerned citizen. I’m also a business owner. Every role is more challenging now. Safety is my primary concern – for my family, for my employees, and for our clients and their families. We are grateful for science and vaccines and continue to operate with several safety protocols as we continue to care for your pets. Below we’ve outlined what we’re doing and what we’re able to do to keep everyone safe

All the best,
Katie Pape

Last updated 6/1/2021

Service Safety Protocols

100% of WCP employees are vaccinated!

Face Masks
WCP has provided employees with face masks. WCP employees are required to wear face masks whenever they are indoors in common building elements (lobby, elevator, stairwells, floors) and to adhere to all building rules. We can also accommodate your preferences – see more under Additional Safety Options below.

Hand Sanitizing
WCP has provided employees with sanitizer bottles and refills. WCP employees are encouraged to sanitize before and after each service.

Contact Reporting
WCP employees and clients must notify the office if they have known contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and mitigation efforts (such as mask wearing) will be agreed upon.

No-Contact Walks
WCP has always maintained a no-contact walk policy. We always avoid interactions with other people and dogs and do not visit dog parks. Additionally, now we are following CDC social distancing guidelines of 6 ft. whenever possible.

Mandate Adherence
Walkers have been directed to follow Illinois Public Health mandates for social distancing and wearing masks.

Additional Safety Options

Masks in home
If you’d prefer your dog walker or cat sitter to be masked in your home for any reason, please just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

No-entry handoff
If you are able to gear up and leash up your dog upon our walker’s arrival, the walker can take the dog from you with minimal contact and no entry to your home.

Entryway pickup
If you are able to crate your dog near the front door, the walker can take the dog from the crate and therefore have minimal contact with the rest of your home.

Convenience during COVID-19

Virtual Meet and Greets
With our virtual Meet and Greet, we can meet you and your pet, collect the information necessary to provide great care, and be ready to start service within 24 hours.

Onboard within 24 Hours
We’ve transformed our meet and greet meetings into virtual ones so everyone stays safe and we’re able to onboard you and your pet within 24 hours.