I was born to run a dog walking business…
I just had to lose my job to know it!

My love of dogs began as early as it gets

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t begging my parents for a dog or dreaming of being a vet. Finally, when I was eight years old, we got our first family pet, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Ginger. I loved everything about having a furry companion – we did everything together! I’ve had a dog in my life ever since- two Golden Retrievers and one King Charles Cavalier Spaniel!

I was never totally satisfied being a dog walking customer

After graduating from the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!), I was working in the financial world and frequently had to use a dog walker for my pups – though I was never fully satisfied with the service I was getting and the peace of mind I had with those companies. When the financial industry crashed and my company closed its doors, I decided to refocus on my love of animals. I took a break from the corporate world and started walking dogs myself in the city.

I thought, ‘I can do dog walking better. I can give peace of mind to dog parents’

After six months walking dogs, I realized how much I loved it and saw the peace of mind and value I was able to bring to my clients.  Being around dogs, playing, loving, caring for dogs was at the core of my life. I understood both what a client needs and wants in a dog walking service and also what the walker needs and enjoys as well.  So I made the decision to take a leap and start Windy City Paws!

What we’re about

I hope that my passion for animals and top notch service shines through when you work with anyone on the Windy City Paws team! We strive to provide the most caring, loving and professional dog walking and sitting services for dogs and their owners in Chicago.


Operations Manager
jamieI grew up in Michigan with a large family that included our ever-faithful Golden Retriever, numerous cats and a tiny goldfish. Every summer we would go cross-country camping for three weeks straight, our family dog included! He was always the first one in the car and my mom & dad insisted that he was the “best” kid during the entire trip. I graduated from Michigan State University, majoring in Hospitality Business and kicked-off my career working at the Happiest Place on Earth in Orlando, FL to then working with two of Chicago’s favorite sports teams, the Bulls & the Blackhawks to then creating memories for children and their dolls dining together at American Girl to more recently hiring, training and staffing private events for a small staffing agency. It has been a few years since experiencing the loss of my very own pet but I have been lucky enough to be an “Aunt” to my friend’s and family’s many pets!


Scheduling Coordinator
I’m so happy to join the Windy City Paws team! I’m originally from East Texas and have always been a dog lover. I currently have three dogs – a very spoiled Pomeranian, a Pit Bull and a mixed breed. Having always had dogs and adored them, finding employment at Windy City Paws is so exciting! I currently live with my husband of 25 years (Joe) and my 19 year old son. During my free time, I like to read and visit with family who live nearby.


Client Success Specialist
garyI joined the Windy City Paws team in 2013 as a walker fresh off the plane from Santa Barbara, CA just in time for one of the coldest winters in Chicago history. Since then I’ve put in several years as a walker and a couple more as Walker Manager, as well as being an office representative. My family husky, Yukon, is currently living the dream back in Southern California, but fortunately working with WCP helps fill the ideally-55-but-actually-closer-to-60 lbs hole in my life. Though not at all helpful to WCP, my BFA in Acting has been put to use in the Chicago improv and musical theatre communities, as well as in my evening job as a game night host. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, watching real nerdy TV/movies, playing even nerdier video games, and talking myself out of buying very large LEGO sets that I frankly don’t have space for.


Staff Success Specialist
I grew up in (very) sunny Sarasota, FL with a family who shared a deep, abiding love for pets. I developed a passion for caring for pets from a very young age, from the hamsters and goldfish I kept in my room as a child to the Schnauzers, Brittany Spaniels, and Australian Shepherds who were like siblings to me growing up. When I moved to Chicago in 2014 and found Windy City Paws a short time later I knew I had landed the perfect job for me. I’m so delighted to be joining the WCP office staff and bringing with me over 7 years of dog walking experience, along with my experience conducting Field Interviews with potential new hires, assisting with our Yappy Hour events, and facilitating new client on-boarding as a Representative. Outside of work I’m a performance/theatre artist, a voracious reader, and an ardent cinephile. I always welcome a good book or film recommendation!


Lead Walker
Hannah grew up in Berwyn, IL but now calls Chicago home. Hannah has almost 7 years of professional animal care experience from dog walking and pet sitting. She also grew up with her family dog, Wrigley, a Lab/Pug/Weimaraner mix. Hannah will do her best to honor his memory by making other pets happy! Currently, Hannah has two cats named Leia and Rebel. They are the most important people in the world to her! If Hannah were a dog, she’d have to be either a German Shepherd or a Pit bull, since both are athletic, intelligent, and loyal. When Hannah is not caring for animals or learning about dog training methods, she dabbles in jewelry making and woodworking! Hannah is also a huge Star Wars fan. Hannah loves most about dog walking is the ability to give dogs enrichment and exercise so their parents come home to a tired and happy pup. She truly believes that all animals are completely honest and always tell us how they’re feeling. They always live in the moment and teach her to do the same.


Lead Walker
Janey was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio but now calls Chicago home! Janey has a family dog, and has lived with roommates that have owned various dogs and cats over the years. She grew up pet-sitting, and has continued to provide this care for her furry friends into adulthood. Janey’s family dog is named Bernice, and she gets to see her whenever Janey goes back to Cincinnati for family visits and holidays. If Janey could be any type of dog breed, she would be a Labrador Retriever. In her spare time she enjoys performing as an actor and as a singer! Janey also loves going to the movies, and basically sees everything that comes out on the big screen. Shoutout to the Music Box Theatre! What Janey loves most about dog walking is how every dog has a personality of their own, and getting to see them enjoy the outdoors in their own way is so cool. Janey loves their sweetness and their loyalty.


Original Mascot
miaMia joined Windy City Paws as the founding Mascot in 2009 alongside Katie. She was the inspiration behind the design of the Windy City Paws logo and was an affectionate and beloved co-worker. Mia passed away at 14 years old in 2021 and is remembered fondly by everyone who knew her. Katie is forever a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lover!

Margot Flamingo

mia and zeldaMargot Flamingo joined Windy City Paws in September 2020 by way of the ASPCA and Felines and Canines. Offered a relocation package she couldn’t resist, Margot made the long trip from Alabama to start a new life in the big city at the young age of 8 weeks.