windy city paws cat sitting in chicago

Personalized Care Invigorating Play Comfort and Cleanliness


Service Details
Additional Pet

Cat Visits*

per visit
Service Details : 30
Night/Weekend : $35
Additional Pet : Free
Holidays***: $45

Cat Visits

per visit
Service Details : 30
Night/Weekend : $40
Additional Pet : Free
Holidays***: $45


per petsit
Service Details : 2 hours in your home**
Night/Weekend : $75
Additional Pet : Cats Free; Dogs +$25
Holidays***: $100

*Daily cat visits require a recurring schedule of 3 visits/week minimum Monday-Friday
**Custom pricing available for longer durations
***No fees apply for additional pets for holiday services

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What’s Included in a Cat Visit?

  Litter box cleaning


Enriching playtime

  Email visit recap

GPS verification

Additional household tasks

Are Daily Cat Visits right for me?

Consistent Care
Clients who choose our daily cat visit service enjoy the consistency of care Windy City Paws provides. Daily cat visits feature the same cat sitter every day so your cat can bond with one person and get the most enriching companionship on a daily basis.

Cleaning a litter box daily can be a challenge for busy professionals. Or, you may just hate doing it. Imagine never picking up a litter scoop again! View our COVID-19 safety protocols.

Pregnant/New Baby
It’s safest for pregnant women to avoid cleaning litter boxes. And adding a new family member can lead to less attention for your cat – that’s where we come in!

Some cats leave a lot of hair behind. With daily cat visits, we can spend time brushing your cat every day so you can have a better relationship with your cat than your lint roller!

Daily visits can improve behavior for cats with anxiety and cats that mark or scratch furniture. If you’re busy all day and can’t play with your cat, we can! Come home to a content and purring cat.

Cats sleep better at night after enriching socialization during the day. Maybe you prefer your 4:13am cat alarm to your reasonably-timed digital one, but if not, daily visits could help improve your cat’s sleep.

We all know cats don’t like change! Whether it be a recent move, new working hours, or that you moved a chair to the other side of the room… Any changes to the home can prompt behavioral issues like marking and scratching.

Regular and consistent stimulation with kittens is important! More socialization when a cat is young can prevent behavioral issues down the line.  This is the beginning of your cat’s life – set your cat up for social success and good behavior!

Cat Visit Service Details

Daily Cat Visits*:

$25 per visit
With our daily cat visits, not only do you enjoy a lower cost per visit, but you will have a dedicated cat sitter. *Daily cat visits require a recurring scheduled service of a minimum of 3 visits per week Monday-Friday.

Night/Weekend Visits: $35/visit – 30 minutes
WCP holidays: $45/visit – 30 minutes

Daily cat visits occur 10am-4pm. Evening if desired: 5pm-8pm.

All recurring services begin with a free virtual Meet and Greet so that our office staff and cat sitters understand any special requirements for your cat.

Periodic Cat Visits:

$35 per visit

Night/Weekend Visits: $40/visit – 30 minutes
WCP holidays: $45/visit – 30 minutes

Our periodic cat visits are intended for you to use as vacation care while you are out of town. Instead of boarding your cat or relying on friends or neighbors without cat care experience, let us help! We’ll send a trained cat sitter to your home, where your cat is most comfortable and in its safe environment.

Periodic cat visits occur between 8am-5pm. Evening if desired: 5pm-8pm.

All periodic services begin with a one-time setup fee and virtual Meet and Greet so that our office staff and cat sitters understand any special requirements for your cat.

2-Hour Petsits

$75 per 2-Hour Petsit

Our 2-Hour Petsit gives your cat extended care in your home when you’re away longer than usual. The 2-Hour Petsit services are available mornings (8am-11am) and evenings (5pm-8pm).

Windy City Paws’ 2-Hour Petsits are designed to offer extra care to supplement an overnight caregiver or while you’re away from home during the day.

What’s included in a 2-Hour Petsit:

Feedings, Full cleaning and changing of the litter box, Companionship, Extras like getting mail and watering plants if necessary.

Here are some examples of popular needs for our 2-Hour Petsit:

Taking a day trip out of town; Attending a Sporting event or concert; Getting back late from a wedding; Extra help while your spouse travels for business; Extra attention when your pets are recovering from surgery or illness.

Leaving the house early and getting home late? You can schedule a morning and evening petsit. Morning petsit services begin between 8am-9am and an evening petsit services begin between 5pm-6pm. You may book up to two (2) 2-Hour Petsits per day (one morning and one evening), pending staff availability.