Windy City Paws is excited to announce that our Owner and the management members of our Walker Team are officially Fear Free Certified Pet Professionals!


Katie Pape
Founder, Fear Free Certified

Brock Casper
Operations Specialist, Fear Free course completed

Veronica Laureano
Dog Walker & Petsitter, Fear Free course completed

Meghan Graves
Dog Walker & Petsitter, Fear Free course completed

“Chicago dog parents are incredibly lucky to have one of the nation’s only dog walking companies with Fear Free certified dog walkers in their backyard! As a Fear Free Certified veterinarian for over a year, I have witnessed first hand how these techniques, strategies and behavioral modifications steps can positively impact patients in the veterinary hospital. But, as we know, the FIRST step to a Fear Free lifestyle begins at home, including all daily interactions. Windy City Paws is a leader in the dog walking industry and I strongly recommend incorporating them into your Fear Free home team.”
-Dr. Natalie Marks, Veterinarian and co-owner, Blum Animal Hospital

As a Dog Walking company implementing Fear Free methods in our walker training program, this means we can:

  • Alleviate stress, anxiety, and fear in your pets
  • Relax and reassure pets they are in a safe place
  • Take care of your pets physical and emotional well-being
  • Offer guidance to our clients to reduce stress in pets
  • Invest more in the care of your pets
  • Equip our walkers with the tools and knowledge to best approach your pet’s individual needs

If you want to know more about Fear Free and how it can benefit your pet, call us at (312) 473-6466. We’d love to hear from you!

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