Pet Spotlight: George

December 08, 2017

We love our clients at Windy City Paws, and we wanted to introduce you to our client George! Read on to learn more about George.


How did you meet your family?
They came and picked me up from a farm in Wisconsin when I was little. I was pretty scared at first but I quickly made myself comfortable by laying across my mom’s shoulders in the car.

If your parents had to describe you in three words what would they be?
Goofy, gregarious and guilty.

Cubs or Sox?
Well, as a Lakeview dog, I like it when I get to eat all the street food the morning after the Cubs play.

Do you like ketchup on your hot dog?
I try not to eat other dogs (unless they’re made of chocolate!)

What is your favorite hobby?
Right now it’s squirrel-hunting… until one comes too close and then it’s scary!

What are your favorite foods?
Street pizza, raw chicken from the trash, and most especially chocolate (I really don’t get why I’m not allowed this stuff, it’s YUMMY.)

What is your favorite trick to do for a treat?
I’m so cute I don’t usually have to try very hard. It’s tough to be a doodle!

What is your favorite movie?
A ‘Walk’ To Remember.

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Wake up in bed with mom and dad and some belly rubs, watch the world go by with my head out the window for a couple of hours, eat a greenie, head to the beach for a swim (but no bath after!!), and finish it up with my favorite dinner of rice and baby food. Maybe my Grandparents will come and visit me too!

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