The Benefits of Getting Dog Walks for your Dog

December 08, 2020


Dogs getting walked daily is pivotal to their health and wellness. While many of us are working from home, it can still be difficult to consistently devote 15 to 30 minutes a day to their walk schedule. Read on to learn more from our walker Michael about the benefits of getting a dog walker for your dog to help you maintain their daily exercise routine!   

First, what are the positive health benefits for walking your dog daily?

The most obvious benefit dogs get from going on walks is that they are able to receive the necessary physical exercise they need. No matter what breed, all dogs require some amount of exercise every day. While some dogs may have access to backyards or they visit dog parks regularly, they still may not be getting all of the necessary physical movement they need.

A dog’s mental health is as important as their physical health, so going on regular walks also addresses their mental health needs. When daily walks are incorporated in a dog’s day it becomes part of their routine and they look forward to those consistent walks. By adding routine walks to the day it provides them with the chance to exert their energy in a healthy and positive way. When dogs have outlets such as walks to burn energy, they are less likely to exhibit undesirable behavior. 

Who are the ideal clients who seek out a dog walking service?

  • People who work full time outside of the home
  • Families who have busy schedules
  • People who work from home, but do not have time to devote to a mid-day walk or consistent exercise regimen for their dog

What factors should be considered when calculating exercise time?

  • Dog’s age
    • Puppy, adult or senior.
  • Breed type
    • Some breeds require minimal exercise while others require a lot.
  • Personality
    • Energy levels are important to notate.

What is the best type of dog walk based on a dog’s age?

Puppies: Since they are still being potty trained, it’s important to get them outside more frequently. So, with that in mind the ideal dog walk at this stage are two segment 15-minute walks. This helps build consistency with potty training. While many of us are still working from home, it’s important to begin practicing getting your puppy used to leaving the house more frequently with someone other than mom and dad. This will help make it an easier transition for when you return to working in the office. 

Adult Dogs: At Windy City Paws the 30-minute walk is the most popular, but some dogs could benefit from a 60-minute walk or run if they are a more energetic breed. Consider your dog’s needs as an adult at this stage. Minimally, a 30-minute walk can allow for a nice break from being inside and provide some needed mental and physical stimulation.

Senior Dogs: At this stage in life it’s important to take into account any mobility or arthritis your dog may be experiencing as they get older. While outdoor time is still important, you may want to ask your dog walker to maintain a slower pace so as to not tire out your dog too soon. For senior dogs, having a dog walker stop by can help with maintaining regular potty breaks to avoid accidents. 

What are the most common services that can be included in dog walks to ensure a dog gets the fulfillment they need?

  1. Refreshing the dog’s water bowl.
  2. Giving them a treat or puzzle toy after the walk.
  3. Wiping their paws when it’s wet outside.
  4. Giving them medicine if needed.
  5. Play time after their potty break.
  6. Clean up any potty accidents in the home.

What are the benefits of paying for dog walks?

When you decide to use a dog walking service like Windy City Paws, you’re getting a professional dog walker. They have the training and knowledge in working with a variety of breeds and temperaments. Also, clients receive an email and a photo after every service detailing how the walk went! While many of us are still working from home, utilizing a dog walking service allows for consistent individualized attention for your pup while you work.

Thank you Michael for sharing the benefits of getting dog walks for your dog! Windy City Paws is a Fear Free Chicago dog walker and petsitter committed to providing helpful information to Chicago dog owners through its blog.

Written for Windy City Paws by Michael Bridges