Walker Spotlight – Sarah F.

August 30, 2016

We love our walkers at Windy City Paws, and this month we want to introduce you to Sarah, who has been with us for a year and a half!


Where are you from?
Wayne, Maine!

How did you end up in Chicago?
I moved here for the theatre scene, and to experience life in a major city for the first time.

What is your favorite pastime?
The opportunities here are few, but I love to hike! It’s tougher living in the city and being so busy, so I also greatly enjoy Netflix and sitting in coffee shops with a latte. πŸ™‚

What is your hidden talent?
I can perfectly emulate a New Zealand accent.

Do you have pets? If so, what kind and what are their names? Tell us about their personalities.
Not here in the city, but back home in Maine my dad has a border collie mix named Scooter. She was a stray before we adopted her, and she has a lot of fears, like fire, dinner plates, and men with beards. She’s very protective of us and loves playing fetch and going on car rides.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?
Maybe a mini golden doodle, because I’m small, have the curly hair, and love exercise and running around, but prefer if it’s followed by a good meal and snuggles.

If dogs could run for public office, which breed do you think would make the best president?
Probably a Newfoundland because they are intelligent, brave, loyal, calm, and command respect. And chief of staff would definitely be a Border Collie!

Why did you decide to become a dog walker?
Walking dogs was everything I was looking for: it works with my rehearsal schedule, it’s work I feel good about, I get exercise, and most off all I get to spend time with pups! Even if I’m having a horrible day it’s always uplifting to be greeted by happy wigglers every day πŸ™‚

What’s the weirdest thing about being a dog walker?
Going into people’s homes. I’ve gotten more used to it, but it’s still off when I think about it. It feels good that people trust me.

What would people never guess is part of your job as a dog walker?
This may seem obvious, but the amount of time we spend outside in the bad weather. Some dogs hate the cold and rain and like to come in early, but others love it so we do what they want!

*Note: You may remember Sarah’s pictureΒ in the Chicago Tribune after being caught in a rain storm with Gable!

What is your biggest pet peeve while walking dogs?
Our schedules can be really specific, so anything that causes me to loose time: finicky keys, slow elevator, not being allowed in a building, unexpected road blocks etc.

What’s the best part about being a dog walker?
Knowing that I’m a highlight in each pup’s day. My dogs always are excited to see me and no matter what’s going on in my life it makes me so happy to make them happy. (Also snuggling during petsits is a real plus.)


Thank you for everything you do for Windy City Paws, Sarah! We and your clients love you! To learn more about Sarah, visit our walker page.