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Whether you’re on the way to the airport or just shuttling from one area of the city to the next, utilizing taxis or ride-hailing apps can be a great way to experience the city without all the stress of driving. With all the dog-friendly shops and restaurants in the city, hiring a driver can help dog owners bring their pet to areas farther from their home. While all drivers are required by law to transport service animals, there are specific guidelines for all other non-service animals. Check out some of the details for Chicago taxis and ride-hailing apps that permit animals, and bring along your dog to the next outing in the city!

For dog owners moving to Chicago, it can be a bit tricky understanding all the subtle nuances of living in the city. From extreme seasonal weather to the fees associated with dog ownership, it’s important to be aware of everything that goes into living in Chicago with a pet. Check out our tips on what you need to know when moving to Chicago with a dog, and make sure you and your pet are prepared!

What many people don’t realize about Chicago is that it is a city of neighborhoods, each offering its own special flair and personality. While The Loop may be filled with high-rise residences, a quick ride on the L can take you to Lakeview, filled with townhomes and residential streets. And a quick drive on the highway can lead you to any number of Chicago suburbs with quaint single family homes. The type of lifestyle you have in Chicago very much entwines with your residence, whether you’re in walking distance to all the Chicago hotspots or sitting on your back porch watching the kids play.

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Have you thought about having your dog on a raw food diet? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when considering the options! That’s why the pet lovers at set out to create the ultimate guide in understanding the process, benefits, and options available to you and your dog.

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I recently moved and no longer had anyone to take my puppy, Tatum, outside during the day. I had never used a dog walking service so was a little cautious...

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Katie and the staff at Windy City Paws have been walking my dog Coco since I brought her home and I’m confident that she’s in good hands when I’m away....

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Windy City Paws is Chicago’s best dog walking service! They have value-added services like convenient online scheduling and payment options. Over the past months, I have built a strong relationship...

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Windy City Paws has been providing dog walker service in Chicago since 2009. We are a licensed, bonded and insured dog walker in Chicago. We are a top-rated dog walker on Yelp and Google. Windy City Paws dog walkers take pride in caring for your dogs and taking dog walking seriously. We follow a PawsFirst philosophy, meaning your dog will always come first in our care. As a company, we adhere to strict guidelines when we hire and train the best people to ensure your dog receives loving care and attention during dog walks.

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