The Definitive Guide to Raw Dog Food

September 08, 2016

Have you thought about having your dog on a raw food diet? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when considering the options! That’s why the pet lovers at set out to create the ultimate guide in understanding the process, benefits, and options available to you and your dog.


Whether you are curious about which options are available or have been feeding your dog raw food for years, this guide created by is for you. Read on to see what we at Windy City Paws loved most about The Definitive Guide to Raw Dog Food and why you should definitely check it out!

Raw Dog Food Theory

In order to make the best decision for your dog, it’s important to understand the benefits of a raw food diet. This guide starts with a solid background as to why this option is natural, healthy, and beneficial. More importantly, it explains why your daily kibble may be holding your pup back from their full potential.

Raw Dog Food Challenges & Solutions

Before diving into all of the specifics of raw options, they first address the fears and hesitations commonly associated with this path. From budgetary restrictions to worry of an imbalanced diet, this guide helps to calm your fears and offer easy ways to overcome these hesitations.

Handling, Storage, Recipes, Shopping Lists, & More!

After a clear explanation of the two raw food model options featured in this guide, it’s time to get to the real life details. Where do you store this stuff? How long does prep really take? Are there ways to save time, or options for a smaller budget? It answers all of these questions and many, many more!

Whether you are ready to take the leap or just want to learn more about your options, make sure to check out the full guide! The Definitive Guide to Raw Dog Food.